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ELITEWARE is a Sci-Fi Cyberpunk series set 600 years in the future on Earth, in a world where the Elite class has managed to legally gain control over the population across the globe. Our story begins when the Neva family, famous arena fighters, are split into pairs when their current contract holder loses them in a wager. Our first story arc, collected in this 6 issue graphic novel, shows us their attempts to reunite while the forces of the Elite fight against them at every turn. 

A vibrant and rich visual world, ELITEWARE is not your typical dystopian future. We like to describe the look of our story as if you turned on all the colors and all the lights in TRON: LEGACY. The real evil is not in some dark and rainy world, but in the Elites who believe people are best used as currency for their own wealth and amusement. After centuries living under the thumb of the Elite, it was only a matter of time before someone would rise up against them, but what will be the cost of trying to break the wheel that has carried humanity into the 27th century?